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Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Reveals Her ‘Worst Nightmare’ On The Set Of Carrie: The Musical

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“I love it,” Mendes told MTV News between takes during one of the episode’s big musical numbers (“Do Me A Favor”). “It’s fun because it’s really up my alley,” she added. “I danced for 10 years growing up, so I feel like I’ve retained a little bit of movement.” Mendes puts all that dance training to good use in her “fierce, sexy” show-stopping number, “The World According To Chris.” (With a perfectly apt lyric like, “My daddy taught me you get nowhere being nice,” you can see why Aguirre-Sacasa chose Carrie: The Musical.)

“It was so much fun doing it,” Mendes said of her performance. “I had all of these backup dancers, and I got to have this Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears moment in the center. It was this amazing, iconic moment.”

But the choreography didn’t come as naturally to her co-stars — or so they say. From what I observed on set, everyone nailed their moves in spite of their reservations. “Choreography is kind of my worst nightmare,” Reinhart said. “I suck at dancing, in my opinion. I danced for 10 years — I was on a dance team, and I did dance classes for most of my childhood, and somehow I’m still terrible at it.”

As for Apa, he just wanted more time to rehearse—something a TV production schedule doesn’t have an abundance of. “The choreography was pretty hard,” he said of the “gnarly” experience. “I’m not much of a dancer. It can be tricky to pick it up with the little amount of time we have and to put it together with all of the words and the lines and the cues.” Then again, maybe Apa’s just being too hard on himself.

“KJ’s an amazing dancer!” Mendes added. “He keeps making fun of himself for doing it, but he’s actually doing a really good job… KJ surprised me the most with his abilities.”

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