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9 Burning Questions I Have After Binge-Watching Jessica Jones Season 2

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Apparently, Dr. Malus’s gene manipulation wasn’t such a failure after all. In Trish’s final scene of Season 2, she displayed her newly acquired catlike reflexes when she dropped her phone, caught it with her foot — balanced it on her designer boot, natch — and then gently flipped it back into her hand like it was NBD. In other words, say hello to Hellcat. She may not be as strong as Jessica Jones, but Trish’s heightened senses, keen balance, and feline agility, along with her martial arts practice, will bring her one step closer to finally becoming the hero she so desperately wants to be.

In the comics, Hellcat’s abilities are more paranormal in nature. For example: She has the power to sense mystical energy and deflect mystical attacks by summoning a force field. Unless Danny Rand enters the picture, it’s unlikely that Jessica Jones will introduce Patsy’s ink-and-paper husband, Daimon Hellstrom, a.k.a. the Son of Satan.

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